Project Elantra

For the near term, our program to run a motorsports team will be shelved. Due to personal setbacks and a change in priorities, we do not envisage the ability to be able to sustain a full calendar of motorsport as of this time.

This doesn’t mean we will not continue to race. This state of affairs will actually allow us to race where we want, when we want, budget permitting. And when the situation improves for us, maybe we’ll aspire to win a championship or two.

For now, we’ll enjoy the ride of the rising and ebbing tide of life. We’ll see where we’ll float to, and we hope you will join us as you will read our future exploits here in this hokey little motoring blog.

 Keep track of our racing reports and experiences here.

Thank you to our Partners who have supported us:

Prima Water Works

Cruven Suspension Specialist – Fairview Branch (EVSI-IBA)

Haltech Philippines

CAM2 Philippines

Edited 5/26/2014