Site Concept is envisioned to be a website that discusses the love of cars and the business of the automotive industry as it applies to the Philippine setting. Its tagline sums up the four aspects of the automotive experience which the site highlights in its regular updates, namely cars, culture, competition, and community.

Cars – how it works, what it does, how does it look, how it runs, latest news and speculation on upcoming launches and other relevant updates
Culture – how culture and society shapes vehicles, and vice versa
Competition – racing, motorsport history, racing driver and racing team profiles, circuit guide
Community – car ownership stories, maintenance tips and advice, car club and specialist vehicle features


Site Advocacies

“Keeping it Slow” (Road Safety Awareness)

We support government and private sector initiatives to reduce vehicle accident casualties in Philippine roads. By this site, we hope to inform Philippine motorists on the importance of proper road safety, as well as educate them on how to operate and maintain a motor vehicle. Also, we hope to lobby for more investments in infrastructure and better and safer roads.

“Slow In, Fast Out” (Promotion of Local Motorsport)

We support the budding and enthusiastic development of Philippine motorsports. Via this site we hope to promote motorsport events and share tips on how anyone can compete in motor racing safely and affordably.

“Kuhol Inside” (Showcasing Local Car Engineering Talent)

We are aware of the local talent in automobile design, manufacture and customization. By this website we hope to showcase their talent in this sector, uplifting Filipino pride in the process.


Site Operating Guidelines

  • We recognize and do not pretend to hide our biases and preferences in whatever we write. However, we will not sway to influence and favor.
  • The site does not pretend to be a non-profit endeavor despite current dearth of positive cash flow. But we continue to write and contribute content not for the sake of money but purely for the love of the automobile.
  • Some content found on the site may be lifted from other websites. We will always cite our sources and link to them whenever possible.
  • Intelligent discourse and constructive criticism towards our posts and site layout are welcome from our readers. Feel free to comment on our posts or Contact Us. Go too far with inflammatory and malicious comments, however, and we will not hesitate to strike off your responses. Take clear note that the site will be run as desired without consultation nor approval. We do not pay our readers to read our content, and neither do we expect our readers to pay us to write.


Got an interesting car you’d want to be featured in

Or perhaps a motoring event or product launching? We are soliciting vehicles, owners and establishments to feature on the site. We guarantee no strings attached. (Well, except for three – it has to be interesting, it has to be relevant to the site, and we’d be the judge of those.) Please feel free to Contact Us regarding your desired feature item and your contact details, and we will get back to you at the soonest opportunity.

Advertising, Media, and Miscellaneous Inquiries

We are open to your advertising support, your general inquiries about, and your comments and suggestions. Do not hesitate to Contact Us with a subject heading describing your particular concern.


Disclaimer on the Kuhol trademark

Kuhol, the turbo snail device,, and other related intellectual property are duly registered, and the owner of the website is given unconditional and full rights of usage of these trademarks by the trademark holder for the mark’s promotion to the general public via the Internet. Unauthorized usage of the trademark will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.