Project Keitora: The Preamble

3-multicabsThe three Multicabs needed to be hauled off from their parking spot of two years. They were left to the elements, ignored by us as we struggled to bounce back from our troubles in the business. They were reminders of our misplaced optimism in an unfamiliar industry, as these were supposed to be income generators. Instead, they became burdens. Finding where best to park them while we resolved our affairs was a problem. Until a kindly soul allowed us to use her front lawn as a space for our junk.

But that courtesy ran out, and we needed to haul them outta there in a jiffy. Thankfully, we had a longer-term space for them to rot in. We rented a vacant lot and made that into what is now Kuhol Garage, our terrestrial outlet for the parts and services we have on offer. Now the Multicabs lay at the shop, and I look at them everyday, scratching my head thinking what to do with ’em.

A plan slowly hatched in the vortices of my cranial cavity. Kuhol Garage needs a shop truck, but three Multicabs are too many. We needed to get rid of two, keeping one to repair and eventually do service with us.

The first Multicab is a Suzuki Carry  DB71 chassis, meaning it has a 4WD powertrain. It also has a utilitarian FB type rear body. We thought that this would be the most marketable among the three. We have spent to get it back to running condition. It needs some body work but mechanically it’s a champ as we have gone through the engine and brakes prior to sale. It’s listed in if you’re interested.

The second one was a Daihatsu Hijet with an aluminum van body and with a seemingly incurable front suspension problem. We thought to part it out and sell it for parts. Again, this is the listing in if you’re curious.

The third one is the one we’ll be focusing on for future installments. This lucky pile of parts will be receiving a more powerful engine than the stock 550cc lump. We will also update its looks, maybe put some air conditioning, and otherwise restore it to some extent.  We’re keeping this low budget – after all, its just a Multicab, after all.  But hopefully that this will turn into a cool shop truck to tool around with.

We’re currently gathering up the required parts before we commence the work. So watch this space. Stay tuned for the next installment of Project Keitora. If you don’t understand what multicab, keitora, FB body, and other terms in this post, feel free to revisit an old article written by us about Multicabs.

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