World’s Fastest Hearse does 9-second quarter mile runs

Image credit: AMS Performance

Not everyone needs a 9-second hearse. Arne Toman, vice president of AMS Performance, apparently does. AMS Performance is best known for providing tuning solutions for Nissan GT-Rs, providing nuclear-spec performance for the four-wheeled equivalent to Godzilla.

In fact, the Philippne’s fastest GT-R features an AMS Performance-prepped 4.0L VR38. The car dubbed “Tiunami 1”, owned by Jonathan Tiu and maintained by Blanche Racing, has hit 8.8 seconds on the quarter mile last February at the Clark International Speedway.

The hearse is Toman’s personal project. He was spurred to do the project when learning that the record-holder for the fastest hearse was held by Australians with a 13.72 quarter-mile time. Finding that figure surmountable, he acquired a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice converted for dead-people duty by Superior Coaches back in 2009.

The AMS Performance crew swapped in an LS truck engine, and bolted on a twin turbo setup, generating some 1000 horsepower. The turbos stuff in 23psi worth of boost to what is otherwise a stock motor, lightly modded with  some uprated cylinder head components, surprisingly keeping the standard reciprocating parts on duty.

The hearse, now given the moniker “Madness”, remains to be completely functional, with air-conditioning, stereo system, and even down to the rear deck and rollers that allow it to transport a casket around.  It was also built to compete not only in drag strips but also in standing half-mile and full-mile events.

After laying down the 9.94 second time on the strip, “Madness” has since been upgraded with a fully-prepped powerplant, stronger transmission, and a beefier rear end. Even lower times are expected when it returns to the quarter.

To see AMS Performance’s super hearse run, check out the video after the jump.

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Image Credits: AMS Performance, Youtube

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