Picture Gallery: Automized Adrenaline Car Show, March 15, 2014

Image credit: AutoIndustriya.com

Organized by the Mechanical Engineering Society of De La Salle University, the Automized Adrenalin car show was held in the CCP Harbor Square area in Manila last March 15. We were there to take the usual pictures of the various cars vying for the various awards including “Loudest Engine Roar”, “Themed” (whatever that is) and so on.

Then, JR Lacsamana, proprietor of Starlacs Carzone and a regular car show entrant with his trail-ready GQ Patrol, offers to take a picture of this writer with some car show models, replete with skimpy attire and all. He takes a picture and I decide to upload it on my social media account.

Trying to do my best Glenn Quagmire impression. Thanks to JR Lacsamana for the shot.

For God knows what reason, this was the highest-liked status update that this guy ever had, ever. And I have no idea why. Maybe this is confirmation to those whom I call “Facebook friends” that, yes, I am in fact straight. Or alive.

As always, more pics can be found after the jump. Not more of my mug, thank goodness. More car shots, while using the nice camera, too.

IMG_2587Amusing marketing initiative at the entrance to the show. “A” for effort, for sure.

IMG_2590Joining us at the car show are Angelo and Vince from Kia Auto Club Pilipinas (KACP) and Metro South Pride.


Here’s Vince with the same models as above. Statement shirt fits the mood.


Here are two models blocking our view of one really small Japanese roadster, the Suzuki Cappuccino of Wheel Gallery. We dunno if we fit behind the wheel of this kei-class car, but we do want one if we do get the chance.


This Lancer wagon body is not very common on our shores. Not bad to see one here.


If you want to go deaf, just stand behind these vans, turn the knob up to 11, and wait until your eardrums bleed.

Much of the “adrenalin” rushing to the audience was due to the drift exhibition organized by the people behind DMF Drift. Here’s an S15 Silvia shameless turning rubber into dust particles to be inhaled by the throngs.

We have a GT wing that’s been waiting to be installed to our own Project Elantra. Possible mounting solution to emulate on our end?


Or we should just go for the dumb basic trunklid mount like this carbon-fiber Voltex item?


We spent most of our time ogling and then chatting beside this orange crush Kia Forte Coupe, freshly turbocharged just in time for the event. Meeting Brian and Grace (latter pictured here) for the first time, we hope to convince him to attend a KACP EB for once.


The Forte was so sweet, it even attracts bees!


These are the DLSU Eco Cars, built for the Shell Eco Marathon Asia competition.


This fender flared AW11 MR2 was something we wanted for ourselves.

See the rest of the photo gallery below.

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