Photo Gallery: Clark International Motor Show, February 22, 2014

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Travelling two hours and a hundred kilometers to attend it, the Clark International Motor Show just had to be good. With season passes on hand, we felt that going was a good use of an otherwise humdrum Saturday.

We were looking forward to the show as it claims to be a “multi-faceted showcase of the best automotive industry, holding in one venue a roster of premium car brands, parts, accessories, and suppliers” and “features has a lineup of jawdropping special events that would indulge car enthusiasts of different profiles.”

When I say ‘we’, I mean to say that my old man was with me. The last time I took him to a car show was when we attended Hot Import Nights Manila 2. I discovered he has some eclectic tastes in cars. Needless to say, I validated some of them at the car show pitched on the expansive Clark Picnic Grounds.

Read on for our insights and a lot of pictures. We brought a DSLR with us, so the pics should be way better than our previous Galleries.


What greeted us at the venue were a whole bunch of RC cars drifting on a make-shift course. This should be emulated to full-scale – tarpaulin road surface, huge hood pins, an audience of oak-legged giants, and all.


The old man has an infatuation for off-road behemoths. This is him standing beside a monster truck-ized Hilux.


Check out the level of customization of the Hilux’s rear suspension! Dual extra-long coilover assemblies per axle side, four-link suspension for maximum articulation, reinforced axle and differential cover as armor against boulders.


The tires can probably double as flotation devices. The aspect ratio of these things are an about-face to what I’m used to in the realm of small cars.


It was refreshing to attend a carshow that was scant of scantily-clad showgirls. But they weren’t totally obfuscated because the Nissan Patrol Club of the Philippines brought some of ’em. And of course, you’ll find people taking photographs of them.


But you wouldn’t find people borderline molesting them with a sanitary napkin. Thanks for the gratuitous insight on the nature of man, NPCP!


The NPCP rigs were tempting for us to emulate. Though the only ‘mamaw’ thing we’re looking to do on our own GU is a front-mount intercooler.


I am of the opinion that a lot of older car enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards off-road customization over what the young ones like me are into. The old man is no exception, and he really wanted me to take a picture of this very custom BJ Land Cruiser.


This beast is fitted with a gasoline engine, supposedly now the fourth powerplant swapped into it. The BJ’s leaf springs are gone, replaced with off-road coilovers on all two axles.


And again, that articulation is impressive. Also check out the rear-mounted radiator.


Morgan Plus-4. Couldn’t believe that we would see the automotive equivalent of the coelacanth in the flesh.


There were a whole bunch of Minis present. This one was chock-full of people, proving how space-efficient the old Mini was designed to be. Alec Issigonis would have been proud.


I’ll have my Mini in black like this one, please.


A curious modded car on display is this cab-and-chassis Multicab that was dropped and fitted with bosozoku exhaust and dished-in wheels. It’s also four-wheel drive, if you believe that. We are trying to get our three Multicabs shifted. Prospective buyers, you can turn our pre-loved keitoras to something like this if you want to.


This being the parade grounds of what was Clark Air Base, it is but natural American muscle would make an appearance. There were a decent bunch of them. We really dig this Chevrolet Impala convertible.


Drag Camaro, anyone? Airbrushed yellow flames, clamshell front end, all-American V8. We’re down with Yellow Fever!


T-bucket Ford. This goes to show that vehicular irresponsibility backdates to your great grandparents.


Don’t forget the quintessential pony car, the Ford Mustang. This is one of two expertly resto-modded examples of the first generation displayed in the parade grounds.


The engine bay is a beacon of beauty, something that you’d see on a poster otherwise. But why is the brake booster on the wrong side of the firewall?


Because the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, that’s why! These Stangs are bound for Australia, also a land of V8 muscle. (For proof, see: Mad Max)

There are tons more pictures of cars and various other random stuff from the event at the picture gallery below. Do let us know what you think of our hopefully budding talents in photography.

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