Rescheduled Vios Cup this January 25, 2014

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Toyota may be an unstoppable sales juggernaut, what with being the number one automobile brand in sheer sales figures for twelve straight years. But there is one force that stops the car company in its tracks. Mother Nature, through her agent, Typhoon Santi, stoppered what proves to be Toyota’s big marketing push towards Philippine motorsports, the Vios Cup.

Undaunted, the Vios Cup is set to finally take place on a Saturday, this January 25, 2014.  The Clark International Speedway, the most modern motorsports facility in the Philippines will be the venue where ham-fisted motoring journalists duke it out with pretty-faced show business personalities.

AutoIndustriya reports that model Phoemela Baranda is starting on pole position. On P2 is their very own Vince Pornelos, and behind him is Top Gear Philippines (TGP) publisher Jeff Reyes. Half a second behind is James Deakin, whom we had said previously we will place our shekels on if there be such a betting arrangement available onsite. Even if only 2% of TGP’s readership says he will win it. Maybe the Grand Lotto would have better odds…. but you never know!

Again, the public is expected to be distracted by other activities such as rock bands, car club eyeballs, go-karting, RC racing, and other amusing sideshows. Admission is free, so that’s good…

We’ll be there once we figure out how to best commute there via a bus company that won’t throw us under one of their conveyances, or fall head-first from the Skyway.

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