Photo Gallery: Vios Cup, January 25, 2014


Toyota has completely blown us away with the scale of the Vios Cup. For those who didn’t read our updates about the event (here and here, and more about the Vios One-make Race prototype here), the Vios Cup is an invitational race featuring celebrities and motoring media duking it out in identically-prepped Vios race cars.

If you weren’t there, you should have. Feel free to go all jell by reading our words and perusing our cellphone pics after the jump.

Eventual race winner Vince Pornelos talking to his hot grid girl, who can’t resist looking towards this silly blogger’s ratty smartphone’s camera lens.

The racing was undoubtedly the highlight of the event, with those in attendance enthralled with the breathtaking action at all points of the race. editor-in-chief and fellow fatman Vince Pornelos grabbed the win, trouncing Jeff Reyes of Top Gear and our manok James Deakin of his eponymous website.


This vantage point sucks, but this is our attempt to visualize the proceeding point. The whole Clark International Speedway was tarted up to give the venue that Need For Speed: Pro Street vibe. To jog your memory, here’s a screenshot. That surreal arena where there’s race going on in the middle of a party setting was definitely what the Vios cup was like.


But not every party has go-karting provisions on site, which this one had. We made a bee-line for the makeshift track located in the short straightaway between the second and third corners of the CIS long track. We barely fit the kart’s seat, but still drove like it was free, which it was, or should have been.



The meet-and-greet session before the first heat was definitely a highlight. While others were siding themselves with the racing celebrities for a shot, we were taking pictures of motoring journalists. Because we’re sure as hell we can never aspire to be a popular actor or model, but we can surely attain the goal of writing about amazing car stories – and getting paid for it.

rramos IMG-20140125-01205

We did try to get a decent pic of Rhian Ramos but we failed miserably. But this is a decent pic of people getting decent pics of Rhian Ramos.



There were some pretty Toyotas in and around the venue. Second- and third-gen MR2’s, and even Lightning McQueen took the time to check out the Vios Cup! The sun glare is not because of our maladroit camera-wielding skills. That’s just McQueen’s signature ka-choww! catchphrase.

IMG-20140125-01098 IMG-20140125-01096

We love these US-version Celicas. They’re like Japanese Mustangs, and more brusko than the effeminate JDM ones of the same generation. Maybe our appreciation was so overflowing that the members of Celica Club Pampanga wanted to invite us to their Toyota-sponsored villas.

IMG-20140125-01149 IMG-20140125-01148

This is the Toyota Wigo, displayed alongside other new Toyota models. Looks a bit bare-boned, even on this, the top-spec model. It’s dirt-cheap though, and is a Toyota, so might just put Suzuki out of business for the rep-car market.


We’re pretty sure that everyone had a blast during and after the racing. Check out the rest of the pics here.

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