Photojournal: The World of Toyota

We received an invitation to attend the opening of The World of Toyota exhibition at the World Trade Center (WTC) last August 10. Organized by Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) and Toyota Fest Philippines, it was ostensibly done to celebrate the anniversary of TMP, as well as showcasing notable Toyota models of the past, as well as previewing concepts of cars of the future.

Unlike our previous coverage at the World Trade Center, there was more time to waltz about the venue and enjoy the cars on display. The crowd was decent, considering the opening was invitation-only and the public was more or less told to come by 1pm. They sure invited a ton of people.

Three Rocket Bunny 86’s and an Initial D AE86 replica greeted those entering the venue. If you like the 86 and all it represents, you’d be needing to wash white stuff off your whities right then and there. We don’t understand the purpose of the Rocket Bunny bodykit aside it being a preferential option to feeding currency to a blender and setting the dial on puree, but it sure looks good on all three rides.


Our cameras weren’t set on panoramic view. Too bad, because the scale of this event is suprisingly massive, considering there’s only one brand here instead of the usual motley of marques at a typical WTC carshow.

Before TMP officially started the affair with an opening program, we had time to take snaps of TMP’s current lineup. This kitted Vios TRD caught our eye. It sure looks like a car that would be fun to have.

Ditto the Altis TRD Sportivo.

We popped over to the Lexus section of the show to take a shot of the Lexus LF-LC under its satin cover.

The opening program started, with Ms. Sarah Meier hosting. Mr. Michinobu Sugata spoke to the audience about the reasons for holding this event, and other things besides. Everytime we watch anything Japanese, we always look at the subtitles. At the rafters of the venue, we found some.

The show floor was divided into different sections, and each area was unveiled via an impressive LED-screen light and sound show. We showed you the Lexus area earlier. This is the Motorsport area, where the One Make Race Vios was unveiled. More on this car at another post.

We waited for the time when all the lights were lit so we can roam about and admire all the rolling art on display. We first trooped towards the 2000GT, the Jaguar E-Type of Japan. We like looking at it from this angle. (We like looking at Sarah Meier from this angle, too.)

After spending more than appropriate time ogling at James Bond’s girlfriend’s car and the Sports 800 beside it, we wanted to check out the classic and modified cars invited to grace the inner halls. Given no shortage of modified Toyota cars in Philippine roads, the ones in display must be either historically significant or downright awesome to be there. They were both.

This first-gen Celica is beyond first rate. It looks good and all, but the pièce de résistance is the motor.

This engine is likely to be a racing powerplant built by TRD. It don’t look it, but the presence of dry sump lubrication belies serious intent.

Hasselgren, if you don’t know about them, manufacture the ultimate iteration of Toyota’s venerable 4AGE, for use in open-wheeled race cars and delivery vehicles of soya-based products. Does this Starlet feature a powerplant crafted by them?

We think that this shot of a Toyota executive and an ancient Corolla could be made into a cover of a retro-style sales brochure. The first reader that makes one gets a prize. Email your submissions here.

This is the Lexus LF-LC concept car.

This is the Lexus LF-A. And this concludes our Lexus coverage.

The cars parked outside were pretty interesting. This was merely some of the many that have likely turned up for the day as we left the venue before the public opening. Do enjoy the rest of the snapshots of this event at the gallery below.

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