Irony is not lost on the Suzuki Swift Sport

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Some may say that the Swift is an ironic nameplate for Suzuki’s global subcompact. But, despite lack of ultimate speed, its driving feel and sprightly manners never fail to impress the enthusiast in search of a daily driver. To address the lack of grunt and improve its sporting intentions, the product planners at Hamamatsu released came up with the Swift Sport.

With the recent worldwide introduction of the third-generation Swift in 2011, the Swift Sport serves as the performance flagship of the model range. It looks the part with aero bolt-ons that not only provide a boy-racer look but also help in improving airflow around the car and negating lift. The Sport is also differentiated externally from its lesser brethren by a revised front fascia, HID headlamps and rear tail lights. Inside, the driver is cossetted by sports seats that are exclusive to this variant and is spoilt with keyless entry and a start button.

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Fears of compounding irony are assuaged by the Swift’s M16A engine. Featuring a variable intake system and valve timing, the 1586cc 4-pot engine produces 134hp and 160Nm of torque.  Not only providing more grunt and propelling the car to a top speed of 195kph, Suzuki’s refinements also increase mileage to a claimed 18.75km/l and reduce exhaust emissions by ten percent. Channelling this thrust is via a six-speed transaxle featuring a triple-cone synchromesh for the first two gears and an improved shift lever mechanism for lower shifting effort and a lighter, more positive shift action.

Building upon the standard Swift’s wide track and short wheelbase, the Sport features revised suspension tuning such as increased spring rates matched with Monroe shock absorbers, decreased rear suspension deflection, and stiffer steering box supports for better balance and controllability. Liberal use of high-tensile steel contributes to chassis rigidity, passenger safety and lightness. Further weight was shaved from the 17-inch wheels, being 1kg lighter than the last generation’s Sport, thus able to give more credence to the ‘Swift Sport’ moniker.

Available in 3- and 5-door body styles in other markets, but not yet available in this
country. Such is the irony.

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