Video: A Drifting Hi-Ace!

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When it comes to passenger haulage and general utility for family and business, nothing beats a van. And when it comes to vans, except for the very excellent Hyundai Starex, nothing beats the Toyota Hi-Ace. With body dimensions that even Toyota deems as “colossal“, the slab-sided van can ensconce up to eleven passengers while puttering along with a common-rail diesel engine.

How can a breadbox like the Hi-Ace be sporty? To answer the question that only people that have probably nothing else to do in life would ask, a tuner has turned the Hi-Ace into a drift machine. We do not know much about what modifications enable this particular Hi-Ace do the sideways salsa, but we do know the loose nut behind the wheel is the known Super GT and D1 Grand Prix hot-shoe Nobuteru Taniguchi. But then again, he can probably even make buses dance.

Before you scoff at the idea of a drift Hi-Ace, first we invite you to watch the video after the jump. Then, consider the fact that Toyota made the OG touge drift car, the AE86, and its spiritual Subaru-developed successor, the GT86. And finally, realize that finding a logical comparison between the Hachi-Roku and this thing can only lead to the slippery slope of fallacy, unless Bunta Fujiwara decides to buy a proper tofu delivery vehicle for once.

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3 thoughts on “Video: A Drifting Hi-Ace!

  1. jacob dela fuente Reply

    Nice van… a different specie of sports van.

    anyway speaking of specie i happened to stumble and enjoy a different specie of Philippines explorer.He will surely make you laugh and informed. Watch this video:

    • Staff Post authorReply

      Even though your share has nothing to do with the topic and a gross, blatant product placement, we’ll let it slide. Funny as hell.

  2. Leo Ledesma Reply

    I never thought that van could behave that way!!! ahaha. Nice one. I wish i could drive as good as that!

    And @jacob dela fuente… i agree with staff … its forgivable… you made me laugh! Lol.

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