Race Report: 2012 Shell Slalom Series 5th Leg

The fifth leg of the Shell Slalom Series was held again in the sloped concrete parking lot of Robinsons Nova Market in Quezon  City last June 10. The mostly sunny weather, the relatively expansive venue, and good racing camaraderie made it a perfect day for racing. Except for Manny Pacquiao, that is.

June 10 was also the day of Pacquiao’s bout with Tim Bradley, wherein our Pambansang Kamao ended up losing the match and a world title in dubious circumstances. The Pacquiao effect gave us clear roads to travel from the kuhol.net Garage in Las Pinas to the race venue, probably saving us thirty minutes of travel time. But there also were barely any people in the galleries watching the Slalom race! Though, it was probably one of the Race Motorsports crew whom we heard say, “Ang boxing, may replay. Ang Slalom, wala.”

Makes sense.

We missed the fourth leg held in Robinsons Sta. Rosa, Laguna back in May due to a pre-existing engagement. You would think that that would give us more time to get Project Elantra, our actual race car, ready for the next leg, but you’d be wrong. The car was again sidelined with repairs and upgrade works that were not completed in time for us to use it for this leg.

We’re sick and tired and frustrated at the fact that we had to again bring the white-coloured Elantra out to play.  This relatively expansive track area gives undue advantage to cars with more horsepower, which is something Project Elantra has in abundance and which the B-car lacked. However, the latter has air-conditioning and is easy to drive. Unlike the sauna that the race car is.

The B-car was fitted with a new set of Federal SS595 tires on Galant VR OEM wheels. We could probably eke out at least one more race from the 595EVOs that we still have, but the Debbie Downers in us were expecting rain. They cost a lot from Payless Parts and Car Care along Quezon Ave. But though expensive, Payless has great customer service, and if it weren’t for the price and the geographical differential, I’d love to give them more of my business. Look for Maya and tell her the guy with the Elantra racing in Slalom sent ya.

But still, in general, there are better deals outside of the manufacturer’s concept store. Prices there hurt.

We have invited our sponsor Pocari Sweat to have a booth in the racing venue. This Ion Supply Drink quenches thirst 2.3 times faster than water can and decreases elapsed times by the same factor. I kid. I can’t drink enough of the stuff, swigging multiple bottles like a dipsomaniac. But staving off dehydration is important to keep focus on the race track, and thus Pocari is one of my secret weapons in motorsports.

We saw some interesting cars who participated. One was Mike San Miguel’s Lancia Integrale-este-Nissan California with a SR20VE stuffed under the boxy hood. Another was a bone stock Lancer Cedia, said to be driven by a judge, smoking the front tires like they were CJ Corona. One car I would love to see cone racing with us is the Honda Jazz. Maybe they are still too expensive to play with.

We again won on Open A and C, but that was more due to the lack of able participants rather than our prowess. In the congested Front Wheel Modified Novice class, our best efforts netted us a 4th place spot.

Check out our gallery for more images of this event.

kuhol.net Automotive Racing Team Results

Open C: 1st

Open A: 1st

Group 5B: 2nd

Novice Modified C: 3rd

Front Wheel Modified Novice: 4th

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