Photo Gallery: Carshow in Southville Int’l School and Colleges, 9/17/2011

What happens when impressionable rich college students organize a car show in their school parking lot? You have South Beat, the car show of Southville International School and Colleges, held last September 17, 2011 in the SISC campus grounds in Las Pinas City. Organized by the School’s Junior Marketing Association, the event attracted cars representing car clubs and tuner shops from the south of the metropolis as they gathered to strut their shiny paints and sticky decals.

Armed with a camera, we visited the show and have clicked for you, the regular reader, as much pictures as what our point-and-shoot digital camera had battery power for. However, still images cannot capture the general vibe of the place. It had the feel of an impromptu gathering of some of the cleanest looking street vehicles of the locality, one park-and-show affair that was one day only. You should have been there.

But before you start kicking yourself, feel free to peruse our picture gallery of the event. Read on more after the jump.

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