Aluminum-bodied Mustang, made in the Philippines

Screengrab from original video posted by Top Gear Philippines

Aluminum is the material you use to make woks, window frames, and X-ray-proof linings you sneak drugs into the country with. You don’t expect a Ford Mustang to be made of the stuff, not especially one made in the country known for stainless steel-rebodied army surplus GP’s as public transportation.

But behold. Feast your eyes on what is purported to be the first aluminum-bodied ’65 Mustang fastback…in the world. Or a bit of the headlight at least. The lithe pony car was commissioned by the classic car nut Cito Beltran, the frying pan material hand-beaten by Filipino artisans who probably never made an aluminum body before. Beltran claims that someone said that the Philippines does not have the capability of making an aluminum motor vehicle body. It took them a couple of years to figure out how to physically shape the metal, and the result is a unique machine that the Filipino metalworking talent can be proud of. And, it’s forcefully inducted, as evidenced by the intercooler behind the front grille. What’s not to love?

Wanna know more about the car? Us too. More details will be in a present or future issue of Top Gear Philippines, maybe. But in the meantime, read on after the jump for the YouTube video on the non-magnetic Mustang.

Source: Top Gear Philippines

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