Race Report: 1st Leg, 2015 Phoenix National Slalom Series, March 13, 2016

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Image credit: RACE Motorsports Club

After more than a year away from the Slalom races, we find ourselves again at the Robinsons Nova Market parking lot, itching to see how our Project Elantra race car would fare after its lengthy revival.

Basking in the radiant heat of the Robinsons Nova Market parking lot, we signed up to join the first leg of what is now called the Phoenix National Slalom Series. The races are powered by Phoenix Premuim 98 and Phoenix Accelerate fully synthetic oil – a gallon of the latter is given away as part of the entry fee.

Project Elantra was still suffering from excessive oil temperatures. We were unable to resolve this issue prior to the event. We drove and raced the car regardless. We couldn’t shake the thought that our recently rebuilt engine will go ka-blooey once again.

Hopefully we did not gauge the crank bearings due to insufficient lubrication, something that happened when the car broke down in Clark last 2013. As of this writing, the car still starts. So hopefully the engine lives another day, after an oil change to Phoenix Accelerate and finally resolving the oil temp issue, of course.

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Image credit: RACE Motorsports Club

We were glad to see tita Bing Bang Dulce  and sir Lito Dulce, sir Oski Nuke, and the rest of the RACE Motorsports Club team once again. They once again organized an exciting event for newbies, veterans, and rusty drivers like us alike.

We also glad to see our old racing buddies join this leg. Franco San Andres, Cyril Tablan, Martin Sanchez, and many others were there and strutting their stuff. We were rusty and reckless, but well, two years away from racing is quite a long time.

For the overall result, Milo Rivera of Toughgear Racing Team topped the time sheets once again with a 54.22-second run, bagging the Production and Overall Best time of the day. Racing optometrist Dr. Peewee Mendiola of Team All Fish came second overall with a time of 54.62. Estefano Rivera, also from Toughgear, came in 3rd with 55.74. The son and father team of Paolo and Paul Santos came in 4th and 5th, respectively.

The Auto Fastion Racing Team dominated the Front Wheel honors. For the Novice and Front Wheel Best Time, Dion Ortiz bagged the titles over his teammate Jevoy Moreno with a time of 57.52 seconds.

Image credit: RACE Motorsports Club
Image credit: RACE Motorsports Club

We did very poorly, coming in 4th in the Front Wheel Modified class and 3rd in Pro Stock C. The mental struggle of driving while mindful of potential engine damage is probably a cause for our lackluster performance. Also, during the 2nd of our four timed runs, the power steering belt came off, thus we had to battle the lack of steering assist. Cyril’s team was able to help us reinstall the belt in order for us to complete our run and get back home.

With the given racing driver excuses out of the way, we’re looking forward to joining another leg next month. The next races will be in Robinsons Antipolo and Las Pinas, respectively. Let’s see if we can resolve our drivability issues in time for either of these legs.


Team Kuhol Garage Results
Front Wheel Modified – 4th
Front Wheel Pro Stock C – 3rd

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