Project Elantra: Taking Her Out for a Test Run


On previous installments of Project Elantra, we always talk about breaking this, or installing that. The last article discussed gauge installation, in fact. Surely you guys haven’t seen the car running as much. Truth be told, it sat mostly undriveable this past couple of years, so that ain’t no surprise.

We’ve let you know the last time that the car was running, albeit on an excessively high fluid temperature. We’re slowly resolving the issues causing that, and a few other things. Will let you on about what we’ve done next time. But for now, we took a video of the car running!

A few nights back, our friend was visiting from up north and wanted me to take the race car out for a spin. While still nursing high oil temps, it could still run like a champ. We changed the motor oil to CAM2 Blue Blood that’s able to withstand 150-degrees Celsius temperature, so we aren’t that worried about lubrication failure for short stints.  Plus, the car came from a fresh retune from Dax Santiano of TS Tuning/Insane 4×4 Garage, giving more oomph and drivability on part-throttle acceleration.

So I got the car running with some starting fluid, given and prescribed by Dax to get the motor firing quicker. And then met them at a desolate stretch of road so that he can have a go at the race car. He liked the car, to say the least.

I’m also glad that he kindly took a video of the car running about, and we are happy to share the clip here. Hoping that you guys can also appreciate what the car is at this stage. Our deepest appreciation to Ralph De Villa for recording the vid, which you can see when you read on.


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