Project Elantra: In Rough Shape (with video)


It’s been almost eleven months since Project Elantra last ran under its own steam. The last Project Elantra update was a compendium of previous updates since, well, we did not feel like reporting anything unless the care was operational again.

Almost eleven months to the day it overheated spectacularly in Clark International Speedway, and after two shops have worked on it, one who pieced together the engine, and this current one, who has also been shelving it in the “can sit on it” list, our hapless race car still doesn’t run. And after eleven months in the elements, it looks worse for wear, to put it lightly.

Not only has it been left under sun and rain, with windows down, but also it has become a parts  storage bin for the random vehicles of the shop. We didn’t expect this level of abandonment, as we were just worried about, to put it in the vernacular, na aamagin lang siya sa pagawaan. 

The reality is far worse. The car is now hosting a colony of kittens. Alt least it isn’t rat infested.

Awwwwww, how cute. NOT.

We’ll update you as and when the car gets running, whenever the heck that would be. Read on for more to see a video of how the car is now as it sits. Most especially check out the messed-up engine bay with messed-up electrical and ancilliary connections. We hope you enjoy watching it. We surely don’t.

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