A peek at the Factor Aurelio supercar


We visited this year’s Trans Sport Show, happening May 22-25, 2014 in the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Among the various vintage, customized and race-ready vehicles on exhibit are a pair of striking, low-slung supercar that were surprisingly made here in our very own Philippines.

Factor Aurelio is the brand under which these models are made. It is hewn from the last names of their creators, one a talented fabricator and the other a gifted artist and aerodynamicist.

The cars have no model designation yet, according to Brian Factor, the person whom kuhol.net was able to query from. Each features radical styling evoking endurance racers from the Continent, while being thoroughly unique in their own way. Bystanders are sure to be arrested by the low-slung front end and the long-tail rear. The overall body shape was developed with CFD analysis for aerodynamic stability and optimum powertrain cooling.

The chassis is Factor Aurelio’s original construction, a tubular spaceframe underpinning the impressive visage. Front suspension is of a racecar-esque double A-arm design, the rear based on the donor powerplant utilized.

The yellow car, the first Factor Aurelio prototype, sports a high-revving Honda B16 engine. The orange car is equipped with a turbocharged Mitsubishi 4G63T motor, and is the more powerful of the two. Total weight of the vehicles have not been finalized, but the cars might just turn out to have impressive power-to-weight ratios given the lithe fiberglass body and spaceframe chassis.

Occupants enter the cockpit by “scissor” doors. Interiors were unfinished at the time we viewed the car, but we were told that the interior “sidepod” design was already conceptualized. Interior accouterments can be customized by the customer to his exact specifications or needs.

The creators are proud of the fact that their company, as much as possible, sources the parts for its cars locally. The orange car’s rolling stock consists of 18″ Rota P45 wheels. On the actual production run, they plan to have a wheel design that would be exclusive to the Factor Aurelio. The windshield is also sourced locally, and of course the gorgeous body and spaceframe is made in-house. The cars are registerable under the Land Transportation Office, so they can be legally driven on Philippine roads.

Should you wish to commission for yourself this proudly Pinoy supercar concept, check out Pacita Fibertech’s Facebook page or contact Bryan Factor at (0917) 802-7608. Check out the pictures and a basic video below.

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