Product Feature: Kone Sport Performance Wheel Spacers

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The Kone Sport Performance (KSP) Wheel Spacers allow the discerning motoring enthusiast to improve his car’s appearance for a more aggressive stance and increased curb appeal. The KSP Wheel Spacers move the car’s wheels and tires closer to the edge of the fender, while doing it safely than most other products of its kind in the market.

Made of 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy, KSP Wheel Spacers are both strong and light, thus being safe to use for both daily driving and strenuous competition and off-road usage. The spacers are made with an integrated hubcentric ring that prevents wheel vibration at high speed and avoids overtaxing the car’s original wheel studs.

KSP Wheel Spacers are NOT universal wheel spacers that compromise safety. They are made with specific fitments in mind to accomodate various hub bores. KSP Wheel Spacers are thus available for many popular tuner and enthusiast car applications.

KSP Wheel Spacers also improves roadholding by increasing the track width of the axle, decreasing body roll. They also allow the fitting of upgraded braking systems, most typically those that utilize one-piece monoblock calipers with pistons on opposing sides of the rotor. Without utilizing spacers, these brake kits typically conflict with the back of the wheel. KSP Wheel Spacers provide a safe way of fitting these components.

Each KSP Wheel Spacers set is available with lugnuts to suit each application and an installation guide to help users install and use them safely and effectively.

KSP Wheel Spacers are initially available for selected Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, and Subaru vehicles. More applications for other popular tuner and performance vehicles will be available in the coming months.

Kone Sport Performance is accepting dealer and reseller inquiries for these and future products. Contact them at (02) 577-2473 or email

For more information regarding Kone Sport Performance products, check out their website at or like them in Facebook at their Kone Sport Performance page.

This website will be testing the KSP Wheel Spacers and will come out with an evaluation in a future article.

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