Watch this Miata drift, then roll over

Image screengrab from YouTube video. Click here for source.
Image screengrab from YouTube video. Click here for source.

You would think that drifting is plain showboating by people who possess an unhealthy abhorrence against processed rubber products, and by extension, money. That may be true or not, depending on which side of the fence you stand. We’d still do it if we can. It should be fun.

Regardless of the debate of drifting’s utility as a motoring spectacle and past time, there is one thing that remains constant, yet probably not held in high importance in the local drifting scene. That drifting, like almost all motorsports, can be dangerous.

To wit, this Youtube video of a Miata drifting until going off-course and flipping over. Check the vid after the jump. Jalopnik reports that the driver and passenger was unhurt in the incident. That’s good.

Lessons that one can learn from this video. One, rollbars/rollcages save lives. Two, accidents can happen anytime. And finally, if you were told during a shotgun drift ride that seatbelts aren’t important, perhaps people should realign their marketing budgets to somebody else who will not attract potential liability.

Source: Jalopnik

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