Project Elantra Compendium: The first ten installments

Like our Project Elantra series but didn’t start reading from the start? Pwes, what follows next is the summary of Project Elantra articles for your reading pleasure and possible plotting and scheming for the 2014 conesport season.

As of this writing, the car is almost back from its resuscitation, from catastrophically overheating in the Clark International Speedway. We find ourselves at the same sort of scenario as when we first started this series of articles, where the car was immobile. But, instead of visually offending our heeled neighbors at our garage, it’s busy being a dusty blight at an outside shop.

At the series’ first installment, we thought that we can still keep the car streetable. We have failed miserably in that regard. The transformation from crap Korean car to crap Korean racecar may be irreversible as well. We just hope that it can be appreciated for what it is.

There’s plenty to report on its repair, but we’ll save it for a formal installment. If you have been following us on Facebook, you will have an idea on what you and the rest of the conesport cognoscenti should expect next year. Until then, catch up on our ragtag project car.

Project Elantra Part X: Huffin’, Puffin’, and Blowin’ Up

Project Elantra Part IX: The Foundations of Power

Project Elantra Part VIII: Gauging More Progress

Project Elantra Part VII: Gauging Progress

Project Elantra Part VI: On ABS

Project Elantra Part V: Give me a Brake!

Project Elantra Part IV: Racing the “B” car

Project Elantra Part III: Project Elantra: Gone Racin’

Project Elantra Part II: Springing and Wiring Into Action

Project Elantra Part I: Introduction to’s Project Elantra

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