Cars Trump Other Items for Sale in’s Most Searched Items List


Online retail sites like have changed the landscape of non-commercial trade. We imagine that before our time, it was difficult to dispose of stuff you don’t want anymore. You had to cajole your friends to skive it off you, or place an expensive line ad on the Sunday newspapers. Then something called Buy & Sell came along, and suddenly, a whole bunch of useless bodega matter turned up for sale. Plus, the free ads paper’s Swapping Corner became the venue where people can once again experience what the world was like before currency was invented.

And now we have, a local website combining the endless advertisements of things people have on sale with more interactive features like pictures, messaging, and a user feedback rating system. It even has its own currency, called Sulit Gold, that allows you to pay for more functionality, such as placing your ads higher up in search results. is so well accepted by Philippine netizens that, as of this writing, it is the ninth most viewed site in the country, the highest-viewed indigenous website, in fact. Its claim to be the top classified ads website in the country is, quite frankly, a modest boast.’s success allows it to generate data of its users’ purchasing preferences. Thus, the team was able to publish an infographic of the top 10 most searched items of the year. The results were thought-provoking, to say the least.

Quite surprisingly, the most searched item of the year, by a considerable margin of approximately one million queries over the next item, is “Honda Civic”. Even more surprising is that sixty percent of the items on the list are cars. Aside from the Civic, the cars listed are, in descending order, the Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla, Honda Jazz, Honda City, and (gasp!) Owner-type Jeep.

This begs the question. Why are Hondas so desirable? Yes, we submit that a B18C5 in full tilt is like the closest thing to a Ferrari F430. Yes, to us double wishbones are more delectable than two lechon manok with atsara. But besides that, Hondas are expensive in the used car market. You can’t find an unmolested Civic SiR anymore. And modification trends with Hondas are overdone. There’s nothing innovative going on with aspiring Civic modders. They’re just buying bolt-on parts, gluing a chin spoiler and decklid wing on, and suddenly they think they’re hip and superior and “JDM all the way, baby!”

Now the more interesting trend is the seeming resurgence of the Owner-type Jeep. Now, we don’t know if people are simply seeking a cheap four-wheeled form of transportation or are appreciative of the simple, creative ingenuity that the owner-type represents. We’re the latter. Come on, the owner-type is the Philippine ’32 Ford Model B Roadster – the quintessential Pinoy hot rod – but with Toyota engines instead of V8’s.

As an aside, we have started up a selling section for The Garage is hosted on, and it showcases our wares available for sale, which at least for now are Rota Wheels and Federal Tires. Racing is not cheap, and we have to somehow subsidize our copious expenditures, somehow. So buy wheels and tires from us. Many people already have, and are now rocking new shoes for their rides.

Anyway, read on for the infographic, courtesy of


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