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Valued readers, just to let you know that you can be updated with the latest posts, interact with the crew and fellow readers, and otherwise have a more fulfilled experience at your favorite stopover in the Web, by interacting with us through our social media accounts. Like our Facebook page. Follow our Twitter account. And, new to the site, feel free to ask whatever asinine automotive-related question that you care (or dare) to with our new Formspring form.

Look left to see the actual thing, young Padawan.

If you have perused the site recently, you would have seen the Formspring widget on the left sidebar. Entering any question is so easy. Just write your query in the appropriate box and press “Send your question”. Questions can be asked anonymously. (Hmmm… we might just get a mess-load of hateful comments. In the words of the Philippine National Police, subukan niyo kami. Take that as you may.) We await your interesting and stumping questions.

Answered questions will be listed on the top of the question form. Read our Wikipedia- and Google-researched answers to your questions. Who knows, we might actually be right.

Don’t forget, you may also comment on each post via a Facebook-powered comment box or the WordPress comment box located at the bottom of each entry. Please let us know if we suck at writing or if we should just post fancy pictures of cars and discuss photography instead.

More entries forthcoming in the following days. We’ll keep you posted. Keep it slow!

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