Video: How’s this for Alternative – Powered by… Wood?

Screengrab from video clip
Based from the title it either runs on wood pellets or burns forests to the ground


A car that runs on something other than fossil fuel? That’s the bee in every carmaker’s bonnet nowadays, with electric cars and whatnot. Picture this instead, how about burning wood? Yes, wood. So don’t just chop down conifers and only use them for cooking! Power your jalopy instead!

When we first saw the video clip, our first thought was that it reminded us of the race team in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Wacky Races, the one with a bum in front, a bear in the middle, and a boiler in the back. Exhibit A:


The No. 8. Arkansas Chuggabug (links to source site)
The No. 8. Arkansas Chuggabug

If you want an explanation on how Chip Beam’s Mercury “Beaver” XR7 works, well we can’t help you. We don’t even know how the Dingel Water Car works – or was that a scam? But in the video, they discuss a similar use of the concept in resource-strapped wartime Germany in WW2.

What’s next, farts as fuel?

Source: Translogic

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