The Ultimate Kia Pride?

Ford Festiva SHOgun. From

Jay Leno is best known for being the long-standing and two-time host of The Tonight Show. But for car guys around the world, he is best known for having one of the most eclectic car collections in the world, from steam-driven vehicles from the early 20th century to gonzo supercars like the Ford GT and the McLaren F1 (bought used for $800K, now worth about $4M!), to utterly insane machines like his tank-engined hot rod and his bespoke biofuel-swilling jet turbine-powered car, the EcoJet.

So it is no surprise then that when a man like Jay Leno owns a car like a Kia Pride (USDM: Ford Festiva), it won’t be anything like your old college professor’s CD5. It has got to be a Festiva SHOgun, number three of seven specially made by Chuck Beck to echo the insane rally legend, the Renault 5 Turbo. With muscle-y boxed fenders and cartoonishly wide rear tires, the SHOgun looks like a steroidal bulldog ready to attack. And it goes like one, because this Pride has a three-liter V6 from a Ford Taurus SHO (Geddit? SHOgun?) where the back seat used to be, and is now powering the rear wheels.The car is made more insane with the addition of a 90-hp shot of nitrous, because as Jay says, he lives in a hilly area.

More information on this car can be found on Jay Leno’s Garage.

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