History of the Diesel in the PH

Jeepney - from http://www.stuartxchange.org/


We always had a love/hate affair with the diesel engine. As consumers we tend to shy away from diesel-fired cars due to their cantankerous noise and sooty exhaust, and thus they are more commonly found in commercial vehicles and public transport.

But things change. With rising fuel costs and the advent of new-fangled fuel injection technology, even private car owners are buying diesels. What’s more, taxi operators are embracing the Accent CRDi and shifting from the traditional gas Corollas and Vii (thats plural for Vios to you). If only jeepneys would abandon their ancient C240’s and swap ’em for new technology mills, then the air of the metropolis may just be cleaner and safer to breathe in.

But how did we first embrace the diesel in our daily lives? Tito Hermoso of AutoIndustriya explores the history and the challenges the engine faces in the future. You will be surprised as to what the first prevalent surplus diesel was (hint: it ain’t Japanese).

Check the article out here.

Source: stuartxchange.org, autoindustriya.com

EDIT: Received report of dead link to original article, updated said link.

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