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highway pic Opinion: The Best Laid (Infra) Plans of Mice and Men Go Awry (2/9/2016) - The average Metro Manila motorist often finds himself stuck in Armageddon bumper-to-bumper traffic. While the population of registered motor vehicles continues to increase, the amount of public roads in our megalopolis do not. Quite simply, there are too many cars for too little road. Traffic congestion is a complex topic. In fact, the PH has the
datsun ute jlg 3 Video: A Nissan Sunny truck rolls in Jay Leno’s Garage (2/3/2016) - You don’t see many “imports” rolling into Jay Leno’s expansive garage, but when they do, they’re pretty spectacular to say the least. A renowned stand-up comedian and former host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is known to have a very large and eclectic collection of vehicles, motorcycles, and even several early steam engines. He
20150217_123620sm Project Elantra: Taking Her Out for a Test Run (1/1/2016) - On previous installments of Project Elantra, we always talk about breaking this, or installing that. The last article discussed gauge installation, in fact. Surely you guys haven’t seen the car running as much. Truth be told, it sat mostly undriveable this past couple of years, so that ain’t no surprise. We’ve let you know the last time that
IMG_20151231_141411_1 Modding the Daily Driver, Part III: Tubular Bass (1/1/2016) - Last time on the daily driver, we tried out a selection of rolling stock, all to simply end up back with the stock rim set. Now we aim to discuss a bit about the car’s in-car entertainment system. Truthfully, we have been upgrading it bit by bit over several months now. We will be dishing
feghali evo Video: Watch This Lancer EVO do a Lebanon Hillclimb (12/26/2015) - Hillclimb is that motorsport that intrigues us. We can’t imagine a better thing than closing a snaking mountain road for speed junkies to tackle beyond the speed limit. With a steep mountain face on one side, a deep ravine on the other, and your balls in your throat, it seems like the most fun you
IMG_20150822_142749 Project Elantra: Mad Dash for Instrumentation (11/24/2015) - Last time we saw Project Elantra, it was left in abject desolation, exposed to the elements, and infested with nascent felines. For the longest time and during visits to two workshops, it lay in similar state as whence we started this series, i.e. immobile and not running. Check out our very first Project Elantra piece and see for yourself how
5 Cool Things at the 2015 Manila Auto Salon (11/14/2015) - We attended the first day of the 2015 Manila Auto Salon (MAS) to check out the latest trends in automotive customization and tuning. The annual custom car show is held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City and runs until Sunday, November 15, 2015. To grossly gloss over

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