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MONSTER JAM! Monster Trucks go to Manila for first time



For the first time ever, what is said to be America’s biggest family entertainment spectacular is coming to Manila. That event is none other than the Original MONSTER JAM: AS BIG AS IT GETS.

Happening this June 20 and 21, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, MONSTER JAM will feature some of the tallest, gas-guzzling, highest-jumping, car smashing monster trucks America has to offer.

Mixing racing, showmanship, and an unparalleled fan experience into one incredible show, Monster Jam is the perfect sports entertainment brand, electrifying crowds with the breathtaking stunts and the awesome power of the world’s most popular monster trucks.

The stars of the show are the biggest performers on four wheels: the Monster Jam trucks. These amazing machines bring fans to their feet while racing and ripping up a customer-designed track full of obstacles to soar over- or smash through.

Tickets will be on sale via SM Tickets on January 28. For more details, call Vivre Fort Entertainment at (02) 470 6956.

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Modding the Daily Driver, Part I: Intro and Wheels



Tribulations abound when you have a race car that’s starting to be a pain in the tush.  Engine parts for this vehicle is seemingly impossible to find, however long and far you trawl at the automotive parts locales near you.

The Holy Qur’an verse in chapter 94 verse 5 is translated as “…verily, with every difficulty, there is relief.” For Project Elantra, we are hopeful that its situation is close to that point. In the meantime, your not very humble writer has realized something. You can spend oodles of effort and moolah on your scrappy old race car, but even when it does run, you’ll barely drive the thing.

While you may drive the race car maybe a few weekends a year at most, you drive your daily driver, well, everyday! I spend a good chunk of my day – and I mean hours – behind the wheel of our 2011 Kia Carens. And it is all thanks to the thing called Metro Manila traffic.

So I thought, if there is a jalopy worth sprucing up a tad, it’s the daily.

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World’s Fastest Hearse does 9-second quarter mile runs

Image credit: AMS Performance

Not everyone needs a 9-second hearse. Arne Toman, vice president of AMS Performance, apparently does. AMS Performance is best known for providing tuning solutions for Nissan GT-Rs, providing nuclear-spec performance for the four-wheeled equivalent to Godzilla.

In fact, the Philippne’s fastest GT-R features an AMS Performance-prepped 4.0L VR38. The car dubbed “Tiunami 1″, owned by Jonathan Tiu and maintained by Blanche Racing, has hit 8.8 seconds on the quarter mile last February at the Clark International Speedway.

The hearse is Toman’s personal project. He was spurred to do the project when learning that the record-holder for the fastest hearse was held by Australians with a 13.72 quarter-mile time. Finding that figure surmountable, he acquired a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice converted for dead-people duty by Superior Coaches back in 2009.

The AMS Performance crew swapped in an LS truck engine, and bolted on a twin turbo setup, generating some 1000 horsepower. The turbos stuff in 23psi worth of boost to what is otherwise a stock motor, lightly modded with  some uprated cylinder head components, surprisingly keeping the standard reciprocating parts on duty.

The hearse, now given the moniker “Madness”, remains to be completely functional, with air-conditioning, stereo system, and even down to the rear deck and rollers that allow it to transport a casket around.  It was also built to compete not only in drag strips but also in standing half-mile and full-mile events.

After laying down the 9.94 second time on the strip, “Madness” has since been upgraded with a fully-prepped powerplant, stronger transmission, and a beefier rear end. Even lower times are expected when it returns to the quarter.

To see AMS Performance’s super hearse run, check out the video after the jump.

Sources: AMS Performance, Autoblog
Image Credits: AMS Performance, Youtube

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Test Driving the 2015 Nissan X-Trail



Tall, dark and handsome – the classical ideal women look for in a dream man. If you think about it, many SUVs in the market fit that description. These vehicles are tall, embodying strength and ability to ford even the deepest of floods. They look good in black, and you see a lot of them in that paint scheme. Handsome? They are are styled with so much ruddy masculinity that you’d think car designer’s pencils were leaded with adulterated male hormones. Is it not a surprise that you see a lot of women driving SUVs nowadays?

We’re sure the Nissan X-Trail will attract many of the fair gender. Recently launched in front of local bankers and important customers of the Nissan Southwoods dealership last week, we were witness to women fawning over the car as the sheets were pulled off the car.

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Haima zooms up with Best Deals event



Hundreds of motoring enthusiasts were able to book themselves Haima vehicles and were able to grab excellent offers during Haima Philippines  three-day “Best Deals” affair at MarQuee Mall in Angeles City over the weekend.

Best Deals showcased Haima’s game-changing line up of accessorized vehicles including the Haima 2 and the Haima M3, which recently participated  at Car Awards Group, Inc.’s Car of the Year Philippines’ test-fest at Filinvest City in Alabang.

Haima Philippines General Manager Donald Calma told Sun.Star Pampanga that most units have been sold-out due to the increasing demand for the high quality China-made cars and more have made reservations for inbound units.

“The demand for Haima vehicles is because of the high quality which is at par with other brands in its class, value for money and the trust and  confidence on LausAutoGroup, the company behind Haima Philippines,” he said.

“First batch of the newly launched Haima 1 and Haima M3 were all sold out this year.”

“Equally in-demand are Haima 7, Haima 2, the new generation Fstar and our utility vans and drop side trucks which our clients use for their  businesses,” he added.


Isabel Granada, Haima Cars celebrity endorser continues to enthuse about her Haima 2.

“I have been driving a Haima 2 for eight months now and it has proven its quality and dependability for someone like me who is always on the go. Safety,  fuel economy and many other excellent features set Haima vehicles apart from the rest. Backed up the respected Laus Group, it really defines what  journey is and defines what driving is. It’s my car, make it yours too,” the singer-actress said.

Best Deals featured exclusive offers such all-in low downpayments for Haima vehicles, free one year CGIC insurance with Acts of Nature coverage, free three  years LTO Registration, free Chattel Mortgage, plus a Lenovo Tab A7 for every purchase of Haima unit, Petron Value Card, and Maxicare EReady  Card.

Alongside Haima during Best Deals were displays of Hüper Optik® Philippines and Laus Marketing Corporation, which exclusively offers Voltronic  Motor Oil and Lubricants.

For inquiries, visit Haima Cars Pampanga, Haima Cars San Fernando, or Haima Cars dau. Or call 0918-854-2472. Haima Philippines’ website is

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Razor releases adult-friendly Crazy Cart XL, still drifts splendidly


razor crazycartxl

Wish to live out your drifting fantasies but can’t seem to afford that drift-ready Cefiro on OLX?. Well, now you too can bring out your inner Keiichi Tsuchiya with the Razor Crazy Cart XL.

Razor, the purveyors of children’s kick scooters, first came out with the Crazy Cart. It is the very first electric ride-on machine that drifts on demand, anytime and with ease.

The front-mounted electric motor propels the Cart up to 20kph, and the on-board batteries provide up to 40 minutes continuous sideways fun. It features a patented drift system that allows the rider to modulate the rear casters via a Drift Bar in order to pitch the cart into whatever angle is fancied. The Cart is best enjoyed in such challenging drifting locales such as school libraries, office cubicles, warehouse spaces, and the like.

The Crazy Cart’s biggest flaw was that it was built only for children and the tiniest of adults, rendering the oversized and over-aged without a chance for their drift fix.

Soon to be available is the Razor Crazy Cart XL, built for adults who are children at heart. Designed with a more powerful motor and a larger frame, the XL is able to support up to 135kg worth of human. and propel said lifeform to a speed of 27kph.

Added features to improve the riding experience include a quick change battery system, a variable speed throttle pedal, sturdier casters and a more ergonomic Drift Bar.

As a toy, the Crazy Cart XL isn’t cheap, since it is said to retail starting at USD 800.00. You’ll be hard-pressed to buy a ready-to-drift drift car for this price, however, and the XL needs little tire changes after a session of drifting.

Read on after the jump to see more about this machine and what lurid skids it does.

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